Emi Nakajima


Dr. Emi Nakajima is a pianist and teacher who has been winning audiences worldwide with her passion, charm and beauty for decades. A child prodigy, Emi began her musical journey at age two. By age 9, she won her first international piano competition, and by age 11, had her solo debut with The Philadelphia Orchestra. She has performed on numerous occasions at NYC's Carnegie hall and in major concert halls around the world. Her performances have been aired live on radio stations throughout the Northeast much to the delight of her listeners!

Dr. Nakajima studied at Curtis Institute of Music, Yale University and Rutgers University, where she earned a Doctorate in Music. She currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina and has recently opened a private teaching studio for students who are determined to learn exceptional skills at the piano. Her concerts celebrate life and are designed to create compassion and culture for the world. She has always amazed audiences with her fiery spirit, but it is her gentle soul that continues to capture their hearts.

Caring for the well being of others, she continues to research the effect of music, its health benefits and healing properties. She invests her heart in all she puts her mind to and her gift with the piano allows her to help people most through the music she plays, writes, and teaches. When away from the piano, her creative mind and business savvy leads her to other ventures as an entrepreneur. Most recently, she’s been busy on Etsy for Emi Nakajima Design. On a more personal note, she enjoys her coffee strong, finding moments to relax, and loves salsa dancing with her friends.

Create. Educate. Cultivate.

Music is the language that comes closest to expressing our innermost feelings. We can communicate a world of emotions through music and inspire others through it when we are authentic in our execution. Not only does music feed the soul, but it can teach us skills like math, reading, writing, history, psychology, logic and patterns. Emi believes strength and compassion are the essence of success. And through music, she can give others the tools to overcome struggles and strive for excellence not only at the piano, but in life. Playing the piano uses both the right and left brain, stimulates cognitive ability, strengthens memory and concentration, and has been tested to increase IQ levels. Once they learn the simple steps toward achieving greatness and how to apply the determination and discipline needed, anyone can learn skills unique to themselves.

Everybody has a unique talent that can be cultivated with the right training. With piano as your instrument, learning to play doesn’t have to be difficult or boring. Having students of all ages, Emi has found a coaching style that is successful no matter what level or what purpose a student has, as a profession or a hobby. She has been around the world studying the best techniques and gives you the tools to succeed at the most prestigious level avoiding the pitfalls of learning with limitations. And if you feel your habits are holding you back, she will help you rework them. With Emi’s approach, she is able to break down the skills needed and present them in a language as simple as learning subjects in school, all with strategies to practice smart, not hard. The sky is the limit!

The Nakajima Method creates an environment that nurtures your talent, educates using tools that focus on achieving excellence and cultivates a lifelong desire within to create and inspire others.


Listen to some of her audio samples.

  • 1 - Bach Prelude in G, WTC Bk II -- 01:13
  • 2 - Bach Fugue in G, WTC Bk II -- 01:17
  • 3 - Mozart Sonata in C, K330 - 1st mvt -- 04:53
  • 4 - Mozart Sonata in C, K330 - 2nd mvt -- 04:45
  • 5 - Mozart Sonata in C, K330 - 3rd mvt -- 04:15
  • 6 - Chopin Ballade No.1 in g minor -- 09:13
  • 7 - Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.1, 1st mvt -- 13:11
  • 8 - Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.1, 2nd mvt -- 03:04